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All contents on sites that I link to are under their own restrictions. Please do not take the names of these other sites.

These are my banners for my site if you want to link mine to yours. They're not good, but I tried to make them look professional… which I'm obviously not. But, I'm gonna make better new ones really soon.

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These are a few sites that I have visited and found really cool. I'll get more of these up soon, but I still haven't asked people for their permission yet. So, this will be updated every once and a while. If you want your site to be linked to mine, please send here.

A Sailor Moon Romance
Sailor Moon fanfiction website. Has a lot of really good fanfics, if you like to read.
CNX: Toonami Revolution
A news site purely on the topic of Toonami. Has a lot of good stories every once and a while.
Save Our Sailors
Sailor Moon site that proposes possibilities for Sailor Moon and fights for its rights to be on the air.
Heero in a Thong
Gundam Wing site that has a lot of good quality pictures, but some of its sections are a little off limits for a younger, immature audience.
Trunks' DragonBall Z Page
A really good Dragonball Z page. It has a lot of good pictures.
Butterfly! (Digimon)
A great Digimon site with tons of screenshots.
Absolute Evangelion Field
A good site to go to get Neon Genesis Evangelion pictures and midis.
A great all around animé site. It ranges from Pokémon to Sailor Moon to Mon Colle Knights.
Bianca's Crystal Tokyo
My friend's Sailor Moon website that hasn't been updated in nearly 3 years. It has a few good Sailor Moon roms.

               Not Anime               Shorty's Bahay
My friends website that has pictures of people she knows and a few other things. RomsanEmulators
A really great place to go if your looking for SNES, Genesis, Gameboy (Color, Advance), or Nintendo roms. //kryptonite//
A Smallville site that has good screenshots, and a great layout. Kryptonsite
A really great place to get a lot of information on Smallville and its characters. Shattered Souls
An online clique that has joined together in hopes of solving each other's depression.